Still On A Strict Diet of Omaha

Posted in Omaha, Poker on January 21, 2008 by kevbo1972

My poker playing has been rather spotty over the past few weeks due to work and other obligations. However, when I do play it is 100% Omaha and nothing else. I just can’t get enough of the game and it has really gotten me excited about playing again. I was just getting so incredibly bored with hold’em. I’ve always considered myself a pretty decent Omaha player, but now I’m really hunkering down and trying to master the game. In fact, when it comes to other forms of poker, ie. Omaha, 7 stud, razz, pineapple, 2-7, and hi-lo games, I’ve always been good enough at these different forms of poker to be a winning player at each of these games up to certain levels. The thing is though, while I consider myself good at all of them, I don’t consider myself really good or great at any of them. This is something I would like to change and for the foreseeable future I’m going to try to get really good at Omaha. With the right amount of patience and dedication, there is really no reason why I couldn’t get there one day.

Omaha, IMO, is much more interesting and presents so many more variables than hold’em. I’m really hooked!!…and just have an insatiable appetite for all things Omaha. Unfortunately, there are just not the same resources available for Omaha as there are for hold’em. The things I’m looking for are more advanced type stuff that I can figure out myself, but it takes longer to do the thought and analyzing myself rather than just reading it in a book or on the web. I guess I’m looking for the easy way out, but I’m also kind of glad not that much information is out there because once I figure something out, I don’t have to worry about too many others to be armed with the same knowledge. So I guess learning is that much harder, but at the same time I don’t worry about too many others having access to more advanced information like everyone seems to have in hold’em these days with all of the resources that are available. Recently, I have found myself spending more time thinking and analyzing than actual playing. I really think this has helped my game tremendously. In the middle of the day, I might think of a certain situation that comes up in Omaha so I write it down so I won’t forget about it and then when I get home in the evenings, I do the analysis.

When I have played recently, I’ve done rather well. I maybe could have won more than I have, but I’ve been trying different things which has on one hand helped me figure some things out, but on the other hand has probably hurt my win rate. I’ve still managed to work my way up in pretty quick fashion. In 3 to 4 months of playing part time, I’ve worked my way up from $.10/$.25 up to $2/$4. Once up to $2/$4 I went on a 10 buy-in downswing and dropped back down to$1/$2 where I dropped another 10 buy-ins before turning things around and now have gotten about 10 buy-ins back. Part of my downswing was due to just running bad, but there were also a lot of hands that I would like to have back to play over. I definitely made some mistakes which were costly. When you run well for a while you start to feel like you’re invincible and can win with any hand every hand which obviously just isn’t the case. Before you know it, you’re calling raised and re-raised pots from the small blind w/ hands like K852 rainbow. Well maybe not that bad but you get the idea. Anyway, I have re-focused and have plugged that leak which was part leak and part trying different things.


Played Crappy

Posted in Omaha, Poker on October 11, 2007 by kevbo1972

Had my 1st losing session of the week last night. I was somewhat card dead and kept getting coolered but I also played a few hands terribly. Still, I only ended the night down roughly $30. It was just one of those nights where everyone always seemed to get there and I didn’t. There were two hands that I played absolutely terribly and I’m still kicking myself over it. I was trying fancier plays against players that just don’t recognize them so it is 100% my fault for being stupid. I’m probably lucky that I ended up down less than a buy-in.

Here is one of my favorite ways to be coolered:

Another night…Another Winning Session

Posted in Omaha, Poker on October 11, 2007 by kevbo1972

Played some full ring PLO last night and continued to play/run well. Over 735 hands I picked up another 6.25 buy-ins across 3 levels totaling ~ $270.

Since Sept. 19th I have only had 4 losing sessions. Two were for less than a buy-in, one was for one buy-in and the other was for two BI’s. I attribute this to several factors. One those factors being that I’m multi-tabling which always seems to reduce the overall variance in a single session. Playing/running well also helps. I also feel as though I’m playing levels where the players just don’t seem to have a clue for the most part. I know that I’m easily capable of playing and beating the games at the higher limits, but I’m sticking to the game plan and I’m going to exercise good bankroll management and work my way up the levels like I would if I were a true beginner.

One thing that I have noticed is that you have to play these lower limits in a totally different manner than you would the games at the bigger tables. You can’t buy pots that often and you can’t run people out of pots with aggression like you can at higher limits. I’ve found myself playing a somewhat tight more passive style than I’m accustomed to. At these tables it is really a matter of playing the right hands at the right times and controlling pots and then when you have the goods, value betting. You can throw creative plays right out the window because they just won’t work against most of these players. Occasionally there will be a player that I think I can pull a move on and naturally I do this every chance I get.

Here are my PT stats for Oct. 1 – Oct. 9. (click to enlarge)

As you can see, I’m hardly pre-flop raising at all but at this level it just doesn’t make much of a difference. Every now and then a table will come together where I could raise it up more often but it is just not that often and people here just do not respect raises. So I just wait until the flop and go from there. Getting the money in the pot just isn’t a problem after the flop in most cases anyway. As I move up I will definitely be reverting to my old style and raising more often pre-flop.

Running Well

Posted in Omaha, Poker on October 8, 2007 by kevbo1972

I’ve been playing a lot of PLO in the evenings for the past couple of weeks and have been running well. In the last 2 ½ weeks I have picked up around 46 buy-ins across different levels.

.10c/.25c 32 ½ buy-ins

.25c/.50c 13 ½ buy-ins

I’ve been working my way up the levels in PLO the same way I did with NLHE and SNG’s. So far so good and hopefully things continue to go the way they have been.

In the past I did what I called “challenges” where I would take a $50 starting bankroll and work it up to $10k. I did this with SNG’s 2x and NLHE 2 or 3 times. It was a pain in the ass but it took away from the boredom of the daily grind. Anyway, I’m doing something similar with PLO except there is no real end goal and I’m more focused on practicing good bank-roll management while working my way up the levels.

A fun hand:

Back After A Break

Posted in Poker on September 28, 2007 by kevbo1972

I haven’t really played a bunch over the past month or so, until last week that is. Just haven’t been in the mood to play much but I would play small buy-in tourneys when I was jonesing. I played probably 20 or so tourney over a 3 week period and broke about even. Actually down maybe a little bit but not much. I cashed in ~ 5 of the tourneys but I never could mount a run and go deep. Every time I was in that critical hand that would make or break me I just couldn’t catch a break and twice I suffered a sick, sick, suck-out.

The past week or so I’ve played ~ 4,300 hands of PLO and picked up 25.5 BI’s. Running o.k. but also taking advantage of others poor play. There are just so many people that are new to Omaha and just don’t have any idea of how to play. It’s almost free money.

Very Sad Day

Posted in Poker on August 16, 2007 by kevbo1972

Mack, my very large male Rottie passed away Tuesday night. He had a heart-attack and died in my wife’s arms. There’s nothing sadder than than your wife holding your dog and begging him not to die while crying her eyes out.

Although he was a large Rottweiler and many folks would associate this as being a vicious dog, he was anything but. Everyone who met him thought he was a big teddy-bear and couldn’t believe how sweet he was. He got along with everyone including other dogs and cats. I never once saw him act aggressive towards anyone or anything. He just wanted to be right beside you and be petted all of the time. He was only 4 1/2 years old.

One of the saddest moments of my life.

R.I.P. buddy

Done won me a tourney!

Posted in Poker on August 13, 2007 by kevbo1972

I don’t really ever play too many tourneys and haven’t played a single online tourney in 2007 until Friday night. I was bored and couldn’t find any really good cash games so I figured what the hell. So I played in a $10+$1 NLHE tourney with 286 runners on Cake Poker and took it down for a nice $715 score. Not a lot I know, but it was only a ten buck tourney.

By the first break I had quietly built my original stack of t1500 up to ~ t4200 and remained there for about another hour. I just couldn’t get anything going and was pretty short-stacked heading into and eventually past the bubble. Then it happened…the deck started hitting me AND my hands held up!! I was dealt KK once and QQ twice and was all in each time pre-flop and they held. Then, my AA held up against 77 in an all-in situation.

Within a span of 45 minutes, I went from short-stack to chip leader. Then my KQ>K6 when top pair flopped and a big stack overplayed his hand. So I was now chip leader and had twice as many chips as 2nd place. A few minutes later my one and only suck-out hand came up. I pre-flop raised LMP with KJs and the small blind pushed. The SB had ~ 12 BB stack. With the money already in the pot I was getting a great price if he was pushing a smaller pocket pair (which is what I thought was most likely based on what I had seen of him). Anyway, I was wrong and he flipped over KQ suited. Too make a long story short…I rivered a Jack! That was the only hand the entire tourney that I came from behind to win. I was actually very happy with how I played and was able to get my money in with the best of it most of the time. I only had one other hand where I put a lot of chips in the pot, but in that hand I was behind already (and HU at the final table).

Once at the final table I was in cruise control. Pretty much playing big stack dominating poker and my cards continued to cooperate. I busted 4 of the first 5 players. Had KK break AQ, and had a couple of hands where I had the others out-kicked.

Once we got down to 4 players however, the cards dried up. I maintained my stack until it was heads up though by playing my chip-stack and position. Then when it got to HU, my cards went completely cold. I fought back as much as I could for about 15 minutes or so but I just couldn’t do but so much with the never ending 83’s and 62’s etc. My opponent was ripe for the picking too. Finally, out of nowhere I get dealt AA and complete the blind (I knew he would raise this 80% of the time) and he raised to a little more than half his stack (a pretty big over-bet) which is exactly what I was hoping for and had been trying to set up this hand for a while now. Anyway, I pushed, he called and my hand held up against his 77.