Running well in Pot-Limit Omaha

After taking a few days off, I’ve been playing a bunch more PLO over the past few days and have won another 13 BI’s at the $25 max tables. The play in these games is soooo soft. Most folks just don’t seem to have any clue how to play. The hardest part about playing this level has been keeping focused on the game. The $25 tables are just so much lower than what I’m used to and are almost painful to play. However, in order to practice proper bankroll management, I have to do it.

I’ve been multi-tabling in order to keep me too busy to surf the web, watch t.v., etc. and it still doesn’t work all of the time. So what I’ve been doing is running a bunch of hands through TwoDimes to work out the percentages in a bunch of situations. I know quite a bit already, but I’ve been taking a lot of hands and switching them around a bit and re-running them over and over in order to improve on my knowledge in this area. Knowing how a single card can change your winning percentage can be the difference between playing in a big pot or not.


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