First losing session in a while

Played ~ 650 hands of PLO tonight and dropped half a buy-in. I really have nothing to complain about since I have been running o.k. for a while now. I’m currently up 36 BI’s over the past week and a half. My “big loss” pot of the night came when I flopped middle set and raised a post flop bettor. Then an unknown player check-raised me pot. I didn’t know a lot about the player, but a check raise in his spot was a very risky move on his part so I gave him less credit for having top set. Moral of the story…..I got stacked by top set.

Anywho, over the past few days I really haven’t been involved in too many big pots. I’ve just been chipping away at a bunch of small/mediumish pots. Is mediumish a word?? There are a few hands that I want to post but I have to figure out how to get them on the blog to where they look decent.


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