Done won me a tourney!

I don’t really ever play too many tourneys and haven’t played a single online tourney in 2007 until Friday night. I was bored and couldn’t find any really good cash games so I figured what the hell. So I played in a $10+$1 NLHE tourney with 286 runners on Cake Poker and took it down for a nice $715 score. Not a lot I know, but it was only a ten buck tourney.

By the first break I had quietly built my original stack of t1500 up to ~ t4200 and remained there for about another hour. I just couldn’t get anything going and was pretty short-stacked heading into and eventually past the bubble. Then it happened…the deck started hitting me AND my hands held up!! I was dealt KK once and QQ twice and was all in each time pre-flop and they held. Then, my AA held up against 77 in an all-in situation.

Within a span of 45 minutes, I went from short-stack to chip leader. Then my KQ>K6 when top pair flopped and a big stack overplayed his hand. So I was now chip leader and had twice as many chips as 2nd place. A few minutes later my one and only suck-out hand came up. I pre-flop raised LMP with KJs and the small blind pushed. The SB had ~ 12 BB stack. With the money already in the pot I was getting a great price if he was pushing a smaller pocket pair (which is what I thought was most likely based on what I had seen of him). Anyway, I was wrong and he flipped over KQ suited. Too make a long story short…I rivered a Jack! That was the only hand the entire tourney that I came from behind to win. I was actually very happy with how I played and was able to get my money in with the best of it most of the time. I only had one other hand where I put a lot of chips in the pot, but in that hand I was behind already (and HU at the final table).

Once at the final table I was in cruise control. Pretty much playing big stack dominating poker and my cards continued to cooperate. I busted 4 of the first 5 players. Had KK break AQ, and had a couple of hands where I had the others out-kicked.

Once we got down to 4 players however, the cards dried up. I maintained my stack until it was heads up though by playing my chip-stack and position. Then when it got to HU, my cards went completely cold. I fought back as much as I could for about 15 minutes or so but I just couldn’t do but so much with the never ending 83’s and 62’s etc. My opponent was ripe for the picking too. Finally, out of nowhere I get dealt AA and complete the blind (I knew he would raise this 80% of the time) and he raised to a little more than half his stack (a pretty big over-bet) which is exactly what I was hoping for and had been trying to set up this hand for a while now. Anyway, I pushed, he called and my hand held up against his 77.


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