Back After A Break

I haven’t really played a bunch over the past month or so, until last week that is. Just haven’t been in the mood to play much but I would play small buy-in tourneys when I was jonesing. I played probably 20 or so tourney over a 3 week period and broke about even. Actually down maybe a little bit but not much. I cashed in ~ 5 of the tourneys but I never could mount a run and go deep. Every time I was in that critical hand that would make or break me I just couldn’t catch a break and twice I suffered a sick, sick, suck-out.

The past week or so I’ve played ~ 4,300 hands of PLO and picked up 25.5 BI’s. Running o.k. but also taking advantage of others poor play. There are just so many people that are new to Omaha and just don’t have any idea of how to play. It’s almost free money.


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