Running Well

I’ve been playing a lot of PLO in the evenings for the past couple of weeks and have been running well. In the last 2 ½ weeks I have picked up around 46 buy-ins across different levels.

.10c/.25c 32 ½ buy-ins

.25c/.50c 13 ½ buy-ins

I’ve been working my way up the levels in PLO the same way I did with NLHE and SNG’s. So far so good and hopefully things continue to go the way they have been.

In the past I did what I called “challenges” where I would take a $50 starting bankroll and work it up to $10k. I did this with SNG’s 2x and NLHE 2 or 3 times. It was a pain in the ass but it took away from the boredom of the daily grind. Anyway, I’m doing something similar with PLO except there is no real end goal and I’m more focused on practicing good bank-roll management while working my way up the levels.

A fun hand:


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