Another night…Another Winning Session

Played some full ring PLO last night and continued to play/run well. Over 735 hands I picked up another 6.25 buy-ins across 3 levels totaling ~ $270.

Since Sept. 19th I have only had 4 losing sessions. Two were for less than a buy-in, one was for one buy-in and the other was for two BI’s. I attribute this to several factors. One those factors being that I’m multi-tabling which always seems to reduce the overall variance in a single session. Playing/running well also helps. I also feel as though I’m playing levels where the players just don’t seem to have a clue for the most part. I know that I’m easily capable of playing and beating the games at the higher limits, but I’m sticking to the game plan and I’m going to exercise good bankroll management and work my way up the levels like I would if I were a true beginner.

One thing that I have noticed is that you have to play these lower limits in a totally different manner than you would the games at the bigger tables. You can’t buy pots that often and you can’t run people out of pots with aggression like you can at higher limits. I’ve found myself playing a somewhat tight more passive style than I’m accustomed to. At these tables it is really a matter of playing the right hands at the right times and controlling pots and then when you have the goods, value betting. You can throw creative plays right out the window because they just won’t work against most of these players. Occasionally there will be a player that I think I can pull a move on and naturally I do this every chance I get.

Here are my PT stats for Oct. 1 – Oct. 9. (click to enlarge)

As you can see, I’m hardly pre-flop raising at all but at this level it just doesn’t make much of a difference. Every now and then a table will come together where I could raise it up more often but it is just not that often and people here just do not respect raises. So I just wait until the flop and go from there. Getting the money in the pot just isn’t a problem after the flop in most cases anyway. As I move up I will definitely be reverting to my old style and raising more often pre-flop.


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